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Stand-up & Be Confident

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Now, these first few posts have been answering the question 'So I studied Stand-up Comedy: why was it good for me personally?' (Catch up here: Part1, Part2, Part 3.)

Now it's time for the 'C' word.

No not that one...nor that one neither - this one:


You've heard the old adage about confidence haven't you?

'Fake it, until you make it'

Well that's wrong. Dead should really be:

'Fake it until you ARE it'

Confidence is a process, not a product; you're not born with it and maybe...

just isn't maybelline.

You could say that doing stand-up comedy for building confidence, is doing it the hard way and maybe it sounds to you as appealing as marinading yourself in meat juices, sprinkling yourself with Frosties cereal and throwing yourself into an anthropomorphic tiger's den at lunch time.

But a testament to confidence as a process is my work in training others to build confidence by using stand-up comedy techniques to fight what most people consider to be their all time number one fear - public speaking.

Out of all of my clients, including teachers, trainers and lecturers; to scientists, mathematicians and PhD candidates - to my work in hospitals, in palliative care and with the terminally ill - from 6 to 86 years olds; I have never, not once, seen anyone leave my training sessions without a massive boost of self confidence. They have all managed to conquer their fear and have fun doing it! and It all comes down to one simple thing - doing it.

Confidence is not bestowed upon you, it's made by you.

But Martin, (I pretend you ask) aren't stand-up comedians just naturally confident?!

Here's a little stand-up insider secret for you

  • Most stand-up comedians were not the 'class clown' in their school.

  • Most stand-up comedians weren't even the 1st, 2nd or 3rd funniest person amongst their friends

  • Most stand-up comedians feel the same way you would before going on stage: sweaty palms, weak knees - mom's spaghetti - the whole nine yards (plus the whole eight miles).

Side note: for more stand-up comedy insider secrets I highly recommend:

Life is a joke, so am I - so are you - so what?

A lack of self confidence is something we all share. As we go around our daily lives, it's inevitable that at some point we'll think:

"well...everyone else seems to know what they're doing, everyone except me"

The truth is no matter what appearances may tell you,

nobody knows what they're doing and depending on your outlook, that's either utterly horrifying or totally, utterly hilarious.

With Stand-up Comedy (and like most things in life) the difference really comes in your attitude and the choice to just do it.

Stand-up comedians feel the fear, and yes we do, do it anyway.

The next post is a collection of viewpoints from others who've been foolishly wise, or wisely foolish enough to study Stand-up Comedy (as a module, course or degree) and they too have their own answers to the same question: 'why was stand-up comedy good for me?'

So come back next time for

'Why was studying Stand-up Comedy good for us'

...and in the mean time don't forget to

Listen, Learn, Stand-up & Speak

'So I studied Stand-up Comedy'

- Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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